São Paulo Recap–Part I

Hello, everyone!

I’m finally back from SP… It was fun, but I definitely missed HOME!

Let me rewind things a little bit…

We left on Friday afternoon. Our flight was delayed, so it wasn’t really that fun. Luckily, I had had an amazing lunch only a few hours before I left my house… Holy Yuminess!


Veggie Pie, Steamed Cauliflower and Broccoli, Baked Pumpkin

Getting to São Paulo was actually really easy – the issue was getting to the hotel. 6pm on Fridays are the worst. There are just SO many cars out and about! It took us quite some time until we (finally) got there.


I took pictures of the sunset in order to distract myself… Haha.

The first thing we decided to do when we arrived was to look for “Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows – Part II” tickets. We ended up choosing the nearest movie theater, which worked out just fine exept for the fact that we had to sit in the first row. Bring it on, neck pain!

I have no words to describe this movie. I know I might not be the most neutral person out there (I’m a big Harry Potter fan, I read and re-read all books several times and even though I always preferred the books, I just HAD to see this last one!  Don’t get me wrong, though – I saw all the movies and have them all at home! But nothing beats J.K. Rowling’s writing), but I honestly think it was pretty darn awesome. If you watched Part I or you “kinda know” HP’s story, PLEASE go watch HP7 – Part II. I promise you’ll have fun!

Dinner before the movie was at Applebee’s. Loved the atmosphere of the place!


I ordered their Teriaky Pasta + Grilled Chicken. It was SO good!

And dessert…


Fro-Yo, fo’ sho’!


I mixed tons of different flavors, including green grape, blueberry, plain, jabuticaba… Plus granola and blueberries!)

Immediately Pre-Movie..


“It all ends – July 15th”. Oh, nooooo….

Saturday was pretty crazy. We all woke up by 10:40am and missed breakfast… So Mom had to order breakfast at our room. Which was actually pretty fun, haha.

After eating a little fruit, Mom and I went to the fitness center. We used the treadmill and then the weights. Mom has a degree in Physical Education, so she’s not only a yoga teacher but also a personal trainer and exercise-expert. All I had to do was follow her instructions. I was definitely sore afterwards – who said she’s take it easy only because I’m her daughter? Smiley piscando

After that, we went to the beauty saloon. Mom and I got our nails did and Bruna had a haircut. She kind of looks the same to me, but… What can I do. Haha.


Mom chose red, I chose baby blue and Bruna’s nails were already painted dark blue.(P.S.: I promise I’m not an alian. My hand’s are just yellow like that. Weird, I know. Hahaha)

Bruna met her friends right after that. We were headed to the mall, where we split – while Bruna hung out, me and Mom went for a walk. We stopped at Starbucks:


Iced Chai Latte, my favorite drink right now

And then Mom had a Green-Tea flavored small Fro-Yo. And I didn’t try it. Blasphemy, I know Smiley piscando

Then we watched “Cilada.com”, a brazilian movie I didn’t really like. Oh, well. You can’t win them all.

After the movie, me and Mom had to act like spies. We basically had to check on a run/race that was going on in the old centre of the city. I can’t say much more, or I could get us in trouble!

Then we went out to dinner with Bruna’s friends and their Moms at Bella Paulista. It was nice. I wish I had a friend of mine to talk to, but it was fun nonetheless.


The Moms


The Girls


Our dish! Mom and I split the “Caponata” calzone (Eggplant, zucchini, red pepper, onion, walnuts with buffalo and parmesan cheese).


These were my first 2 days at SP! I’ll write about the rest when I can Alegre

Sorry for being MIA so frequently! I’ve just been a little sad lately, and the last thing I want is make you guys feel bad. So, don’t worry! I’m doing ok.

See you soon!




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