The Post That Wasn’t

Hello, people!

I hope you all had a great Monday – you should have in mind that we’re one (actually, now two since Tuesday’s over) step closer to the weekend!

*Insert happy dance*

Anyway, today was a veeeeeeery long day. I don’t know about you guys, but I was at school from 7am to 5pm, and then I went to my English Course… And only got home by 9pm. All that after sleeping for about 3 hours and doing a 6-hour exam the day before.

Yeeeeeeah. Nice, huh?

But I promised to myself I won’t complain. I mean, I might have a billion things to do right now… But I know that most kids in Brazil don’t even have the opportunity to go to school – by the age of 16 (my age), most of them are already working all day long. Some of them don’t even know how to write. How sad is that? Smiley triste

And yes – I’m pretty emotional today. I haven’t slept or rested so I’m in a fragile state right now. Sorry, guys Smiley virando os olhos

Moving on to more interesting stuff!

I’m actually going to discuss this subject more specifically on future posts… But I’ve been thinking…

How do you feel about the SATs?

Did you think they were hard?

Did you do well?

Did you have to study a LOT/work hard to achieve good results?

It might come as a surprise… But I actually have always wanted to study in the US. And everything was a dream until a few months ago.

I’m actually planning to take the SATs in December. Do you think I can do it?

I swear I’ll tell you the whole story as soon as I can! It’s just that neither my fingers nor my mind are functioning anymore. Need me some REST!

I’ll have to keep it short! I’m sorry, loves – I promise I’ll write a decent post tomorrow!

Love you all – and thank you SO much for the AWESOME comments! You rock Smiley de boca aberta

Good Night – sleep tight!



G’s Q’s:

If you commented on my last post – have you read my reply? And have you received it by e-mail?

I replied to every single human being (or alien – who knows! Hehe) who commented on my last post! And if you haven’t received my reply my e-mail, please let me know Alegre

What do you do when you need to relax?

I usually read a book, watch House, take a hot shower… But I don’t have time for any of these (except showering! My Mom would never let me sleep without showering first *sad face*, lol) right now Smiley triste



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18 responses to “The Post That Wasn’t

  1. Get some rest! I’m sure you’ll do great in the SATs with all the studying you do 🙂
    Drinking Tea and losing myself in a good book is how I relax!

    • Thank you, girl!
      Only, since I live in Brazil, everything I do and study for is about “vestibular” – it’s kind of like the SATs but you have to answer questions of all subjects (from physics, chemistry and maths to history – Brazil and World History – and portuguese + literature)! And those are AT LEAST 4-hour long. ENEM is 6 hours long 😦
      So, yep. If I want to pass the SATs, I’ll have to study by myself – that’s why I’m scared :/
      But thak you for the support and the great tip, Isabelle!
      Have a nice day 😀

  2. The SATs really weren’t that hard! It’s been 4 years since I took mine, but I went in without studying and did really well. Most of it is common sense, so you should be totally fine!
    I hope you find some sleep time (or atleast rest time) SOON! Your schedule is crazy busy!

    • Thank yoooooooou, Haley!
      Wow, you definitely made me feel a lot better 😀
      I’ve been studying like crazy for school (which prepares me for the vestibular), so I’m just really scared about SATs because I don’t have much time to study english. I try, but it’s hard to keep up with things!
      Anyway – you’re so sweet! I’ll try to rest as much as I can, but as test week begins next Thursday and the History Olympics’s deadline is on Saturday… plus voluntary job and school play… Plus English Course…
      See what I mean?
      But that you for worrying about me 🙂
      Hope YOU are getting some rest!
      Have fun for me 😉

  3. There’s more to life than SAT’s ! 🙂 I used to get bogged down by them so so sooo much. [SAT + ACT + AP exams = depressed Savannah]

    Now, I am just letting what happens happens. It all happens for a reason, so why stress about it? I did not prepare much for my SAT’s, and did fairly well. I am my own worst critic, but I definitely have good enough scores to get into college and be eligible for some scholarship money, and the good thing is, I am taking it again. I am SURE you will do justtt fine! 🙂 Keep taking it just to see what happens!

    Also, thank you sooo much for your comment on my post. Your comment really meant a lot to me<3 It also helped me find your blog (which I am loving) and I will continue to stop by!

    • Thankyouthankyouthankyou!
      You’re as sweet (or even sweeter :D) as your blog title implies 😀
      My Mom keeps telling me that I need to loosen up and enjoy life more. And that what has to be, will be!
      But Moms are never too convincing, haha. Thanks for sharing your wisdom!
      You actually made me feel SO MUCH better about taking the SATs, haha 🙂
      I guess we’re very alike, after all – I am definitely my worst critic, too!
      I’m glad you liked my blog – I’m already a fan of yours 🙂

  4. wowww it’s amazing what a difference there is in education, opportunities, and cultural focus throughout diff. countries huh?! 😀 We’re truly blessed to have the opportunity to study!! I hope your SAT goes well girl! And where in the states would you like to study at? Stay strong!

    • I know, right?!
      We’re just SO blessed, and sometimes we don’t even realize that 🙂
      Thank you, girl! I’ll definitely do my best 😉
      I don’t know for sure… I’ll probably apply to a dozen different colleges (I need a scholarship, otherwise I can’t leave Brazil!), but my top choices are on the East Coast. *Fingers crossed!*
      I’ll definitely e-mail you so we can talk specifics!
      Thank you again (I definitely need to find a substitute for “thank you”… Will ” Merci Beaucoup!” do? Heh 😉 )!

  5. It’s been just over 10 years (sheesh, did I really just type that?) since I took the SATS.. but I DO REMEMBER it wasn’t as bad as it’s made out to be! Like Hayley Said Above, most of it is common sense! I think the test itself gets a little hyped up, but you are seriously-going to do AWESOME (I know it)! Hopefully you get some good quality rest soon!!

    When I relax, I read a good book, do some Yoga, or play my violin 🙂

    P.S. THAT IS SO EXCITING on your previous post about Disney World!!!!!!

    • Thanks for sharing your wisdom, Brooke 😀
      You ALL have made me feel A LOT better about taking the SATs in December!
      I’m just not as scared as I was for the passed few months! Thankyouthankyouthankyou!
      I just love the fact that you do Yoga when you need to relax – did you know my Mom’s a yoga teacher? 😀
      Aaaand you play violin! How cool is that?!?! 😉
      I’ll definitely post TONS of pictures while I’m at Disney… I couldn’t be more excited, haha!
      Thanks for stopping by, B!

      • That is so cool your Mom is a Yoga Teacher!! I’m fairly new to the practice, once my Marathon is over on Monday (!!), I am hoping to get more involved!

        You are going to have SO MUCH FUN at Disney!!!!!!!

      • I know, right?! She totally has the profile of a Yoga teacher, haha. So calm and relaxed… At least most of the time, haha :DYou should! I promise you – I hated yoga at first, but I’m a fan now!(And that has absolutely nothing to do with my Mom, btw – I had a teacher whose name was Anna! Hehe).I’ll definitely post my adventures in Orlando – but I definitely have a good feeling about this ;)Thanks for stopping by, Brooke!Hope you’re having a nice day!xoxoxoxo

  6. jenandberries

    Shudder, what LONG day! I’m in the uk now, where SATs have been dropped but I studied lots when I had to do them, which payed off! So as long as you learn your stuff you will do brill! Awww hope you get some much deserved rest! I usually slob out on the sofa with the fan on and watch my favourite tv shows…usually helps! You seem so strong ad determined I reckon you could take the SATs in December – it’s great that you have ambition, i can already tell you are destined for great things 😉

    • I know! 7am – 9 pm days should be forbidden!
      But, as I said before, there’s nothing to complain about…Besides, I actually enjoy being at school and at Ibeu (my english course). There’s something about their environments that just makes me really happy 🙂
      And thank yooou! Here in Brazil, we do the “vestibular” – it’s like an SAT, but it’s much longer (4 to 6 hours long) and includes subjects like literature, history, geography, physics, biology, chemistry…. and many more. Lucky me, huh? Haha.
      What you said was definitely encouraging, though 🙂
      I really am pretty determinated. One thing I’m really worried about though is the fact that I cannot control time! That makes me pretty upset, haha. I wish days were at least 30 hours long so we could get more things done 😉
      Anyway – thanks for the support, J! You rock 😀

  7. Amy Lauren

    Thanks for your response on my blog!

    I have heard the SATs are harder now than when I took them 10 years ago (which btw, just saying that makes me feel incredibly old). But really I think the test is just longer, not so much that the material is harder. Of course with that 6 hour exam you will definitely be fine with the SAT time, which is 4 hours I think.

    Ultimately colleges look at a lot of factors for admission, not just the SAT. In fact a lot of colleges here in the US, you don’t have to have a super high score on the SAT to get scholarships. If you want to go to an elite school, like an Ivy league college, it’s pretty important. But if you’re looking at going to a state university, it’s not THAT big of a deal. I would say take it and see what you get and then go from there with where you apply.

    To relax I usually curl up on my porch with a good book (or in my bed with a good book, haha) and maybe some coffee. I love some coffee!

    • Hahahaha – you’re obviously not old! I kind wish I was born sometime between myself and my mother… I’d love to be up and running (=working!) right now!
      Thank you for the insight on the SATs! The duration of the test won’t really be an issue (at least, I hope so! 😉 – its sections, however…
      What I’m most concerned about is the fact that I don’t have any formal preparation. Nobody ever told me about how to study, what’s in the most, what question are asked the most…
      The biggest reason why I’m scared is because I’m doing it all by myself.
      It’s ok, though. It won’t stop be from trying 🙂
      I loved the good book suggestion! Specially when curled up in bed, haha 😀
      Hope you’re having a great day, Amy!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  8. I am so happy to have found your blog again! 🙂

    And of course you can do the SAT! I didn’t think it was too hard. I am taking the ACT next week!

    Have a great Thursday 🙂


    • I couldn’t be happier, too!
      Thank you, thank you, thank you!
      Did you do well on the SATs? I’m almost freaking out about it, haha. Is December too soon?
      Good luck on the ACT! You’re smart – you’ll rock it 😉
      I know it!
      Hope you’re having an amazing day!

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