No Turning Back

Heeeello, people!

I promised a decent post, so here am I!

(I just hope your definition of “decent” is very broad.. Hehe.)

First, let me start by telling you how smart I am. I (accidentally, of course) cut myself. With a TV cable. Pretty smart, aren’t I?


(I hope you weren’t eating. If you were… oops. My bad.)

Anyway – after that, school was pretty uneventful (except for the fact that I watched a really interesting movie on Religion class… It was about a scientist, aliens, and had Matthew McConaughey in it. It doesn’t get much better then this… Smiley de boca aberta).

Matthew McConaughey The Dallas Buyers Club  204x300 Matthew McConaughey The Dallas Buyers Club


Then I went home and spent the whole afternoon working on the History Olympics. We’re actually doing pretty well Alegre

I might have napped for about 20 minutes. But when you’re on question number 34 and there is a gigantic historical document for you to read in archaic portuguese… And it’s raining… And your bed looks incredibly warm and comfy… It’s just hard to resist Smiley piscando

Later on, when my Mom got home, she came to my room and asked me to help her do “something”. Can you imagine what could it be?


Remember when I said it was official? That I was going to Disney in January 2012 for sure?

Now it’s official again… I’ve registered for Disney’s Family Fun Run 5k!

There’s NO turning back now! Gargalhando

“Can you feel the pressure? It’s getting closer now…”

Kidding, guys! There’s no pressure when you’re running with Moms, babies and their strollers – specially given the fact that there will be Disney characters to cheer us up and move around during the entire race! Family FUN Run 5k, get it? Haha (gosh, I don’t know where these stupid jokes are coming from… heh Smiley piscando).

I’m actually working on a post on why do I want to study in the U.S. and why I asked you guys so many questions about the SATs yesterday – I’ll probably post it either tomorrow or Friday. I promise there’s an explanation to everything Smiley de boca aberta

For the time being, I want to thank you guys SO much for all the support, the sweet comments, your kind words and your advice! You guys made me feel much better about taking the SATs and I’m definitely much more confident. Again, THANK YOU!

I tried my best to participate the WIAW party… But I woke up earlier then usual to study today, and I lost track of time… I didn’t have time to eat until 1:30pm (BIG fail!), when I had lunch. I ate more then I should’ve (I left the table with a FULL stomach) and didn’t eat until dinner time, by 8:30pm (and I wasn’t even hungry by then!). I’ll show you dinner, if you’re curious:


Vegetable Pie, Cooked Cassava, Steamed Cauliflower (+two slices of cooked beets)

It looks terrible, but I promise you it was really tasty! Lunch was a bit like that, but I had cooked kabocha + small baked sweet potato instead of cooked cassava Alegre

But don’t worry – I won’t let myself starve again tomorrow Smiley piscando

Hope you all have an amazing Thursday – sleep tight!



G’s Q’s:

Who’s your celebrity crush?

Definitely Johny Depp Smiley piscando 

How many races have you done?

Real ones? None! But I’ll probably do a 4k race on October and a 6k race on December – gotta start training for real!



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18 responses to “No Turning Back

  1. Dude you’re gonna have so much fun on that Disney run, so jealous! 😀 and Matthew Mcconaughey during school? Yes please! My celebrity crush is either Hugh Jackman or Ewan McGregor mmm talk about hunky 😉
    Have a great rest of your day!

    • Hahaha, thank yooou Alex (may I call you Alex? I think it’s the most awesome nickname ever – l love the name Alexandra, btw!)!
      Hugh Jackman? Ewan McGregos? Definitely good choices 😉
      Hope you’re having an spectacular day, girl!

  2. Any class that involves Matthew McCounaughey is a keeper for me! He is SO hot- I love Bradley Cooper 🙂

    • I could NOT agree more!
      I love love love looove him, too!
      I’ve been meaning to watch “Hangover 2” for a while not… Have you seen it? Is it any good?
      Hope you’re having a wonderful day 😀

  3. Hey that’s great you’ll be doing 2 races in preparation for the Disney Fun Run!

  4. RYAN REYNOLDS = ❤ don't try to steal him from me.
    I don't blame you for taking a nap, I just woke up but after reading the description of a bed I'm ready to go back to sleep.

    • Hahahaha – he can be all yours!Although… can I peek? Haha ;)Gotta LOVE napping! I’ve “napped” for at least two hours today because I fainted at school and had to come home…More on that later, though!Aren’t beds amazing? I mean… what’s not to love?! Haha :DHope you’re having an amazing day, Haley!xoxoxoxo

  5. Hahaha oh celebrity crushes. I have several. I also have many athlete crushes. Basically I adore any man who has a sense of humor, and a well built body. I find people who workout super attractive. Is that weird? lol I think I just love that they care enough about themselves to put in the work!

    • Of course it’s not weird!
      I actually never thought about it this way… But I guess I agree with you, too!
      It’s so awesome to see someone who’s worked hard achieve their goals… not only physically, but intellectually, too 😀
      Thanks for stopping by, girl!
      Have an awesome day!

  6. Hm.. I’m in love with Zac Efron and Tom Felton. 🙂

    Actually, I’m more in love with Troy Bolton, but since he doesn’t really exist, I have to go with Zac.

    • HAHAHAHA – that definitely made me smile!My sister used to be obsessed about Tom Felton, and I never really undestood why… Now I get it, haha :DAND I COULDN’T AGREE MORE ABOUT TROY!I guess I’m a bit ashamed of the fact that I still what High School Musical once in a while… And that I still know all the lyrics to the songs and all the dance moves from all three movies by heart! Hehe ;)Love me some HSM! Who cares about what people think?! I’ll always be 5 at heart, haha.Thanks for sharing yout thoughts, love!Hope you’re having a lovely day!xoxoxo

  7. So I stumbled over here via Scott’s blog… and Yay for healthy mindful running — especially in Disney!
    I’m doing a couple of 5ks in October, but not anywhere near as exciting as one in Disney.

    also archaic Portuguese?? My father speaks Portuguese, but I can’t imagine trying to decipher that one…

    • I’m glad you found my blog, too!
      I’m also happy because now I found out your beautiful blog – YAY for that 😀
      You’re running 5ks?! That’s exciting! Are you training?!
      And HOOOOW AWESOOOME! Seriously, where did your father learn portuguese?! It’s one of the most difficult languages in the world, did you know that? You’re father rocks 😉
      Archaic portuguese is actually “galego-português”, in portuguese.
      It’s not that hard to understand, but trying to figure out “what the hell is that word supposed to mean” gets old pretty quickly!
      For example: “mui” is now “muito”. They may seem pretty close, but they make a world of difference!
      Anyway – sorry about the blabbaring. I’m just so excited your Dad speaks my language!
      Can you say “Eu adoraria te conhecer”?! That means “I’d love to meet you!” – which actually works for both of you 😀
      You should come to Brazil! I’ll be your guide 🙂
      Thank you SO much for stopping by, Kat!

      • Kat

        I just casually run these days – I used to run half marathons, but truth be told I prefer 5ks (I feel more in sync with my body)

        My father is actually half Portuguese (other half is Canadian, eh?)… so he grew up with the language (his father is full-blooded Portuguese)… he also knows Korean fluently (he used to work as a linguist for the military)

      • Half marathons?!
        Half-Portuguese and Half-Canadian father?!
        OMGGG, hahaha 😀
        I wish I spoke Korean like him! I bet he’s really smart 😉
        I’m so glad you commented, Kat!
        I love the fact that your family is a bit portuguese 😀
        Hope you’re having a great FRIDAY!

  8. Disney sounds SOOO fun right now!!  So exciting 🙂


    • It does, right?! 😉
      I couldn’t be more excited!
      Wouldn’t you be interested in going to Orlando in January? It’s a great month to have fun and act like a kid 😀
      Hope you’re having a lovely day, Scott!

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