More like an “I’ll See You Soon”

Hey, everyone!

So… I wish I had time to write down a decent post, but I now realize how impossible that is.

I know, I’ve been saying “I’ll write a decent post tomorrow!” for a while now…

It’s just that I forgot to tell you guys… Test week starts on THURSDAY.

From then on, I’ll be doing two/three 2-hour long tests every.weekday.

And believe me, it’s not as fun as it sounds (does that sound any fun at all?!?!).

It’s waaaaay funnier (insert sarcasm here Smiley piscando).

Anyway, I guess you can tell I need to study hard. Besides test week, I also have:

-History Olympics

Voluntary Work

English Course Classes

*******Let me open a little parenthesis here.

Everytime I write down the words “english course”, it kind of reminds me of something either really fancy and unnecessary or meant for dumb people who cannot speak english at all (or are very bad at it).

I just wanted to clear that up – no, I do not fit in any of the descriptions above.

It’s really common for brazilians to take english classes outside from school. It’s just that language courses in brazilian school are (in general) not very good. Therefore, most parents try to put their children on english courses as early as possible because they don’t trust most school’s language programs.

In my case, I simply never had english classes at school. I’ve studied French since 5th grade (you could choose between the two of them). Upon entering high-school, I was supposed to choose again, only now between English, French and Spanish. I chose French again Alegre

Anyhow – this is getting big. I just wanted to explain why do I take English lessons outside from school. I take a class named “Pre-Test”, in which students study in order to take either the TOEFL or the the ECPE exam. I pretty much love it – the atmosphere, the students (I have classmates from 16 to 60 years old), my lovely teacher… Speaking of her, I have to send her my composition asap! Let the blog post continue!***************

-And many more (since I plan on attending a few lectures and presentations from a few universities I’m planning on applying to).

I should cut this short. I do have a few nice pictures to share in my camera, but it has no battery! I promise that, when I come back, I’ll show you guys my “beautiful” eats.

Here are my phone pics! Smiley piscando


Spinach Quiche, Garbanzo Bean and Eggplant+Zucchini salad


Baked Kabocha, Cooked Cassava and two Turkey Meatballs


Turkey+Minas Cheese (White Cheese) Calzone


Oatmeal (oatbran+soy milk) and a spoon(FULL!) of PB {plus a ton of cinnamon added later} Smiley piscando


Frozen Mango Slices

I promise everything tasted amazing Smiley de boca aberta

Oh, well… Time to go to bed and resume studying!

I’ll see you guys very soon – I’ll post as soon as I have some free time!

Love you all very much!



G’s Q’S:

Do you usually study in advance?

Yes! I mean, I try to. But subjects such as Maths, Physics, Biology and Chemistry are pratically “sacred” to me – I have to start studying beforehand, or I’ll be freaking on the evening before the test fo’ sho.

Which subject is/was your favorite?

I always loved going to school… And every subject is interesting to me. But I do have a few “preferencies” – I don’t like maths very much. I’m much better at writing things and answers down then dealing with numbers – numbers make me freak out because I pretty much suck at calculating anything (and you’re not allowed to use a calculator here. NEVER EVER).



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15 responses to “More like an “I’ll See You Soon”

  1. Best of luck girl!!! With delicious food like that and studying, I know you’re gonna rock those tests! 😀

  2. Studying comes first! All the best for your tests 🙂

  3. History was ALWAYS my favorite. I love learning about what happened back in the day, especially stuff like the roman and greek gods. I find it so fascinating!

    • Me too! I love love love looove History!Romans and Greeks (especially Gods!) are definitely my favorites, too – apart from World Wars and Europe’s monarchies!Please, don’t get me wrong – I only like to study about World Wars I and II because I like to think we (the new generation) have a lot to learn from our predecessors’s mistakes! For me, that’s the main point of the study of history – finding out what we did wrong to make it right when the time comes! I might sound a bit weird/nerdy/revolutionary… But yeah – I never said I was 100% normal ;)Thanks for stopping by!Wish you an incredible week!xoxoxox

  4. Good luck studying! I need to do that as well 😉

  5. I am totally with you on this. I have to take the ACT next week so that means a ton of studying for me!

    Good luck!


  6. livinglearningeating

    Your quiche looks tasty!

    • Thanks, girl!
      I love quiches+vegetable pies, so I’m actually really picky about those… I love NaMedida’s quiches, though!
      They always taste and look amazing 🙂
      You should definitely come to Brazil to try it sometime 😉
      Thanks for stopping by – I’m loving your blog, already!

  7. Good luck on your exams darling! I’m sure you’ll do amazing.

    Did you make that calzone? If so, um, recipe! I’ve always wanted to make my own

  8. GOOD LUCK with all your tests! Don’t get too stressed because you’re going to do SWELL. Can’t wait to hear how everything goes!

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