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When “SO FREAKING HAPPY” Is An Understatement

Hey, guys!

I know, my “break” was definitely an extended one. But believe me, I had TONS of things to do. I’m actually in-between math equations (I have a Math Test on Thursday!) as we speak.

Anyhow… This won’t be a regular post. Nope – I wanted to be back with a big, deep, and really thoughtful post. And as that is clearly not the case, there is only one possible explanation… I have an announcement to make (remember my last announcement?!)!

Ladies and gentlemen…I FINALLY got my period!

Gee, I can’t tell you how excited I am as I type this. It took me three years (I can’t believe I spent about 1095 days without menstruating. Holy Moly, that is a LONG time), but I did it. It took me almost 20kg of pure health gain.

But I did it. Just as I started to lose the faith I had in myself. Just in time.

I can’t think of anything else to say but THANK YOU.

– Thank you, bloggers.

– Thank you, annonymous commenters (they would send me messages such as “you should know that eating so little isn’t healthy. you’re NOT recovering at all,  girl!”)

– Thank you, Mom. For not losing hope and never giving up on me (trust me, that was very brave of her. Most part of my family would just gossip and talk about me behind my back. But anyway, moving on…)

– Thank you, blogworld. Yes, you helped me get worse. Yes, you taught me how to eat “super clean” and how to make myself believe that living on a strict diet is normal. But you have also helped me to recognize disordered behaviors. You helped me to value my family. And, most importantly, to love and be proud of myself – accomplishments, personality, body and mind. This community can pretty much rock Alegre


I should go back to Math studies… but I thought I’d share a few pictures of my most recent accomplishments (fitness-wise!).

They’re all logged on my Daily Mile Profile (if you’re interested!)

photo 1 (21)photo 2 (18)photo 2 (19)photo 2 (20)photo 3 (20)photo 4 (17)

I know, I’m so incredibly attractive after sweating like a mad woman

(I can’t believe no one stopped me from posting these on the internet. That’s what zero (zilch, none) mind-rest will do to you)

I guess that’s it, for now! I’m kind of sad I can’t post pictures of my announcement (key word being “kind” – just a little tiny bit. I mean, no one would want to see that), but such is life.

Hope you all have an amazing week – we’re just getting started!





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