Happy New Year and Traveling (to Orlando! TODAY!)

Hello, guys!

First, I wanted to wish you all a (very) Happy New Year – I’m pretty sure 2012 will be AMAZING to all of us!

Secondly, I’d like to say I wish I had more time to describe my excitement… But since I’m really behind when it comes to packing, I should be objective: *drums roll* We’re going to Orlando TODAY!

I couldn’t be MORE excited. We’re actually leaving today and arriving on January 2nd, but that’s beside the point. The important thing is the day has come!

I promise I’ll keep you guys updated as much as possible – even if it means several wordless and picture-full posts from my iPod Touch.

I’ll leave you guys with a few pictures from my children’s graduation. Ok, so maybe I don’t really have any kids and maybe, just maybe, they’re not at all really related to me Smiley triste But these are the kids from the day-care I volunteer at, and I’m so incredibly sad they’re leaving! *Insert major sad face here* The only thing that makes me happy is that they’re moving on in order to begin they’re “real” studies (a.k.a. prep school so they can get into a better school with a scholarship). I’m convinced that these kids have an enormously bright future ahead of them!


I’ll try to talk to you guys from the airport! Have an AMAZING January 1st!




G’s Q’s:

I know I asked this before, but… Any place I should visit in Orlando?

I have now heard of Ethos, and I’m DYING to go there. Let’s see how that goes!



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2 responses to “Happy New Year and Traveling (to Orlando! TODAY!)

  1. Lee

    Have a fun trip! I haven’t been to Orlando since I was a kid, so I have no suggestions for you.

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