Welcome to ORLANDO!

What’s up, you guys?!

That’s right… As you probably know by now… I’M IN ORLANDO!

Our flight was delayed, so we obviously had to deal with our fair share of stress and nervosism. But we managed to catch our connection flight and arrive at Orlando’s International Airport by 12pm.


Right before our departure, with our Dads and friend (my baby sister’s BFF)

The first thing I did upon arrival?


Super-duper-excited about my High Protein Peanut Butter Smoothie. Protein? PB? Count me inSmiley piscando

Did you really have to ask? Obviously, I left my Mom and sisters while they waited for their McD’s orders and started looking for something incredible. I had to start this trip and this New Year with the right foot – and BOY, how I did… Smiley de boca aberta

Thank you Freshens for making such an spectacular beverage!

Then, we were headed to our hotel. We all needed some rest, but…


Exhibit #1: Me and my sisters grabbing snacks. Lelê and I shared a Chocolate Chip Muffin (a.k.a. Heaven in my Mouth or theBOMBdotcom)


Exhibit #2: My sister Bruna’s croissant. Delicious-looking, delicious-tasting. (She’s actually getting the hang of it! Actually, she might as well start her own food blog – but beware! Food porn, lots of candy and pepperoni pizza will certainly be involved)


Exhibit #3: Lelê and Bruna snack-facing (quite literally… lol)


Exhibit #4: Lelê swimming. While I was covered in 3 coats/sweaters and freezing. So typically Letícia. 

After doing everything BUT resting, we decided we might as well go out and about. We were headed to Downtown Disney, where we (obviously) had a BLAST. A few snapshots:


All in all, we had a MAGICAL day.

I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!

Wish us luck – today we had to put up with 35°F (or 1°C). The weather forecast says tomorrow isn’t going to be much different… Billions of coats+sweaters+gloves+scarves will have to do Smiley piscando

See you all SOON!




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  1. Oh, have fun in Orlando and stay warm! I can’t believe it’s warmer in CA than it is there!

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