Short and Sweet

Hey, guys!

I planned on posting something really exciting today, but I guess I’ll just leave it and post it tomorrow, or some other time.

Right now, I’m actually hiding from my mother.

She said I couldn’t use the computer… But I just couldn’t not use it. Too many things to get done!

Sorry Mom Smiley mostrando a língua

Anyway – I haven’t slept or eaten too much on the last few days, and I’ve being studying and stressing about school like it’s my job… (studying is my job, but you know what I mean) and all that had a price.

By 3pm, while still at school, my heart started to do funny things. It was beating faster. After a while, it started to hurt. Breathing was hard. My head was spinning. Everything went black…

I guess everything has a price. And I had to pay for treating my body poorly.

It’s the first time ever I saw my blood pressure drop so quickly. It was pretty scary.

The school principal sent me home after that. I didn’t want to go home – but, again, that was just one more sign that I did have to rest.

After being sent home, Mom made me eat for the 1st time on that day. I ate a bit of cereal and a tbsp of PB. Chewing was hard beacause of my breathing. But I eventually finished.

Then, I went to bed and slept for 3 hours. Now, here I am!

I should go back to bed, though. Mom’s coming!

Please, don’t worry about me – I was just not hungry for breakfast, then I had no time to eat during break or lunch (I had work to do). I didn’t starve myself on purpose, that I can guarantee.

I’ll be back with a picture-full and colorful post tomorrow!

Love you guys! Thanks for all your support!



G’s Q’s:

Have you ever fainted? When and how?

Today was actually the my 1st time… It was pretty weird, but I “woke up” within a few seconds! It was nothing like I expect it to be.

Do you have low blood pressure? What do you do when your blood pressure drops?

It was also my 1st time having issues with my naturally low blood pressure… So I didn’t really know what to do! My principal made me put salt under my tongue, though – I heard that’s pretty common?



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No Turning Back

Heeeello, people!

I promised a decent post, so here am I!

(I just hope your definition of “decent” is very broad.. Hehe.)

First, let me start by telling you how smart I am. I (accidentally, of course) cut myself. With a TV cable. Pretty smart, aren’t I?


(I hope you weren’t eating. If you were… oops. My bad.)

Anyway – after that, school was pretty uneventful (except for the fact that I watched a really interesting movie on Religion class… It was about a scientist, aliens, and had Matthew McConaughey in it. It doesn’t get much better then this… Smiley de boca aberta).

Matthew McConaughey The Dallas Buyers Club  204x300 Matthew McConaughey The Dallas Buyers Club


Then I went home and spent the whole afternoon working on the History Olympics. We’re actually doing pretty well Alegre

I might have napped for about 20 minutes. But when you’re on question number 34 and there is a gigantic historical document for you to read in archaic portuguese… And it’s raining… And your bed looks incredibly warm and comfy… It’s just hard to resist Smiley piscando

Later on, when my Mom got home, she came to my room and asked me to help her do “something”. Can you imagine what could it be?


Remember when I said it was official? That I was going to Disney in January 2012 for sure?

Now it’s official again… I’ve registered for Disney’s Family Fun Run 5k!

There’s NO turning back now! Gargalhando

“Can you feel the pressure? It’s getting closer now…”

Kidding, guys! There’s no pressure when you’re running with Moms, babies and their strollers – specially given the fact that there will be Disney characters to cheer us up and move around during the entire race! Family FUN Run 5k, get it? Haha (gosh, I don’t know where these stupid jokes are coming from… heh Smiley piscando).

I’m actually working on a post on why do I want to study in the U.S. and why I asked you guys so many questions about the SATs yesterday – I’ll probably post it either tomorrow or Friday. I promise there’s an explanation to everything Smiley de boca aberta

For the time being, I want to thank you guys SO much for all the support, the sweet comments, your kind words and your advice! You guys made me feel much better about taking the SATs and I’m definitely much more confident. Again, THANK YOU!

I tried my best to participate the WIAW party… But I woke up earlier then usual to study today, and I lost track of time… I didn’t have time to eat until 1:30pm (BIG fail!), when I had lunch. I ate more then I should’ve (I left the table with a FULL stomach) and didn’t eat until dinner time, by 8:30pm (and I wasn’t even hungry by then!). I’ll show you dinner, if you’re curious:


Vegetable Pie, Cooked Cassava, Steamed Cauliflower (+two slices of cooked beets)

It looks terrible, but I promise you it was really tasty! Lunch was a bit like that, but I had cooked kabocha + small baked sweet potato instead of cooked cassava Alegre

But don’t worry – I won’t let myself starve again tomorrow Smiley piscando

Hope you all have an amazing Thursday – sleep tight!



G’s Q’s:

Who’s your celebrity crush?

Definitely Johny Depp Smiley piscando 

How many races have you done?

Real ones? None! But I’ll probably do a 4k race on October and a 6k race on December – gotta start training for real!


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The Post That Wasn’t

Hello, people!

I hope you all had a great Monday – you should have in mind that we’re one (actually, now two since Tuesday’s over) step closer to the weekend!

*Insert happy dance*

Anyway, today was a veeeeeeery long day. I don’t know about you guys, but I was at school from 7am to 5pm, and then I went to my English Course… And only got home by 9pm. All that after sleeping for about 3 hours and doing a 6-hour exam the day before.

Yeeeeeeah. Nice, huh?

But I promised to myself I won’t complain. I mean, I might have a billion things to do right now… But I know that most kids in Brazil don’t even have the opportunity to go to school – by the age of 16 (my age), most of them are already working all day long. Some of them don’t even know how to write. How sad is that? Smiley triste

And yes – I’m pretty emotional today. I haven’t slept or rested so I’m in a fragile state right now. Sorry, guys Smiley virando os olhos

Moving on to more interesting stuff!

I’m actually going to discuss this subject more specifically on future posts… But I’ve been thinking…

How do you feel about the SATs?

Did you think they were hard?

Did you do well?

Did you have to study a LOT/work hard to achieve good results?

It might come as a surprise… But I actually have always wanted to study in the US. And everything was a dream until a few months ago.

I’m actually planning to take the SATs in December. Do you think I can do it?

I swear I’ll tell you the whole story as soon as I can! It’s just that neither my fingers nor my mind are functioning anymore. Need me some REST!

I’ll have to keep it short! I’m sorry, loves – I promise I’ll write a decent post tomorrow!

Love you all – and thank you SO much for the AWESOME comments! You rock Smiley de boca aberta

Good Night – sleep tight!



G’s Q’s:

If you commented on my last post – have you read my reply? And have you received it by e-mail?

I replied to every single human being (or alien – who knows! Hehe) who commented on my last post! And if you haven’t received my reply my e-mail, please let me know Alegre

What do you do when you need to relax?

I usually read a book, watch House, take a hot shower… But I don’t have time for any of these (except showering! My Mom would never let me sleep without showering first *sad face*, lol) right now Smiley triste


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Hey, guys!

Despite the fact that I’m pretty much dying right now (need me some SLEEP! I’m predicting an 8pm bed time… Let’s see how it goes), I’m still here, blogging and commenting on your blogs. Now, that’s dedication Smiley piscando

Ok, so I might have been a little influenced by the idea of telling you guys the good news. But I definitely missed you guys, too! Hehe.

But, first… the EATS!


Everything-but-the-Kitchen-Sink Salad


Honeydew melon slices + Fruit Salad


Banana+Granola+Honey Flavored Fro-Yo (definitely a winner!) Smiley piscando


Whole Wheat Heart-Of-Palms “Pie” + Tropical Salad


Whole-Wheat Banana Pie (a.k.a. PIECE OF HEAVEN)


Lettuce, Heart Of Palms, Eggplant, Pineapple, Ricotta and Turkey Breast Salad + Mustard

Pretty YUM, right? Smiley de boca aberta

On to the good news… Remember what I said yesterday about racing?

What about mouse ears? Smiley piscando

That’s right… If you haven’t guessed yet…


Now it’s official!

Mom’s running the Half Marathon… I’ll run the 5k… And my baby sister Lelê (remember her?)…


She was so thrilled to wake up early to race… Haha

is running the 200-meter (Kid’s Race) competition!

We’re all SOOOOOOOOOO excited Smiley de boca aberta Smiley de boca aberta

Seriously, it’s our first big trip together. I can’t wait until January 2012!

Aren’t you guys excited?!?!?!

If you still haven’t seen what’s so darn cool about going to Disney for almost two (!) weeks…

Think about all the fun stuff we can do together! (Assuming you’re from Orlando and/or that you will be at Disney World in the beginning of January) All the blog exchanges! Meet-ups! You name it, I’m in Alegre

Ok, I guess I’ll just stop rambling about Disney.


Now I’m finished Smiley piscando

Hope you’re all having a great Monday!

Sleep tight!



G’s Q’s:

Are you going to be in Orlando between January 2nd and January 13rd? I’d love to meet you!

I’m going, people! Who’s running the 5k with me?!

What is your favorite Disney memory?

When I went to Disney World for the 1st time, in July 2008, it was just me and my sister. My favorite memory’s definitely our first day there – we went to Magic Kingdom, and I got the chance to watch the Night-time Parade and the fireworks. Jeeez, just thinking about it makes me tear up a little bit. I can’t wait to see it again! Garoto paquerando


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Study-ing Non-Stop

Hello, chickpeas!

I noticed I’ve been really absent… Which is definitely not cool.

I need to make things work, somehow.

So, yeah. I should probably be studying for my 6-hour-long-test tomorrow (think 30 math questions, and God-knows-how-many Literature, Portuguese and French ones. Holy Moly, I know), but I’m here, blogging.

That is because I decided to rebel blog before I drive myself nuts. Yes, bloggie-friends – nuts. I’ve been reading your blogs waaaaay too much lately (which is actually a good sign!) but I never post on my own blog (which I’m not really proud of).

Even though it’s the same excuse, I promise you all it’s 100% true – I’ve been studying A LOT! I have 5-hour-long exams (think Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Philosophy, Sociology and Geography, all on the same exam), tests, homework, assignments, more exams…

“Quer moleza? Senta no pudim!”

(That’s a brazilian expressio that basically means: You want things to be easy peasy? Sit on a pudding!”. And yes, I realize it makes no sense when written in english, thankyouverymuch.)

Anyway, on to the good stuff. I’ve been eating some of the same things, but (get excited!) there’s something new. For the past few months, I’ve been…


Ok, you don’t look excited. C’mon, just a little grin will do.

Much better.

Now, you should be excited. Even though this fact probably won’t change your life the same way it changed mine, this could be very interesting to you, too. I mean… who doesn’t want to see yoga pants paired with black tracksuits? I know you do Smiley piscando

Consider this a sneek peak to what’s next…


Just kidding, guys! Or not. Let’s stick to the latter…


This is what I call huge improvement Alegre

And WIBE (if you’re not familiar with it, that’s short for What I’ve Been Eating):


Cottage Cheese+Grapes (no, I haven’t been eating books. Yet.)


Japanese Sweet Potato+Chicken Pie


Carrie’s Volominuous Oatmeal + PB and Protein Bar slices


Chicken Pie + Japanese Sweet Potato + Cauliflower

As I said before, this is just a sneek-peak… I expect be back as soon as I can to tell you the real NEWS!

Hint: It has something to do with racing… and mouse ears…. Smiley de boca aberta Smiley de boca aberta Smiley de boca aberta

See you guys soon!



G’s Q’s:

How much time did it take you to finish your longest exam EVER?

I’ll do my longest exam ever tomorrow – probably 6 hours of pure maths and languages. I’ll get back to you all to say how was it/if I survived… Smiley piscando

Do you already know that the “BIG NEWS” is?

I won’t tell (at least not until the next post!)… You’ll have to discover it by yourself!


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Hey, folks!

(I just realized that I always say “So, yeah” after saying Hello. So let’s try something else, haha)

You may be wondering what’s happening to this blog (and blogger). Yes, I’m aware of the fact that I’ve been the non-reliable type. I said I’d be back, then I disappeared… Then I repeated the process. How rude.

Thus, I decided I won’t make any promises. I don’t have much time to blog for a number (erm, a REALLY big number) of reasons. My mornings and afternoons are pratically all filled with something to do and/or study, and at night… Well, all I want to do is take a bath (actually, I never “want to” take a bath. Call me gross, but I’m – almost – never looking forward to a shower. I’d rather pass out with a blanket arount me in 0.03 seconds) and sleeeeeeeeeep.

-What am I going to do, then?

Well, I’d like to start by posting whenever I can and commenting on other blogs. I’ve been really lazy about that, and my fellow bloggers definitely deserve it.

-What I’ve been doing lately, you ask?

You mean, besides studying like a mad woman? Let’s see… I’ve been reading these:


More specifically,


(It means what you think it does: “ Brazilian Saga”)



Both of which I’m loving! I only wish I had more time to read them.

Besides reading and studying, I’ve been…

– Signing up for the History Olimpics

– Starting a voluntary job at a children daycare at a favela nerby

– Studying for the SATs (more on that later…)

– Making tons of list (hahaha, got it? sheesh, I’m so darn funny)

And more. But I guess you got the point.

Anyhow… Instead of telling you more reasons why I’m NOT blogging… I’ll show you the videos I’ve made for you guys!

Making Carrie’s Voluminous Oatmeal


Hope you have fun watching… And yes, I realize I made a few mistakes. I was nervous, hehe.

I’ll be back as soon as I can with more delicious food and/or deep posts Smiley piscando

Hope you’re having an amazing weekend!



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Aurea Mediocritas

Hello, everyone!

So, I noticed I haven’t been honest with your guys. Or with myself.

Vacation was actually a great thing, because I had the chance to “not think” for a while. Not to compete with my friends to see who gets the best grades. I didn’t have to do homework, researches or school projects like a mad woman, or sleep by 2am and wake up at 5:30am. I was, in some way, “free”.

I made myself a “vacation to-do list”. I wanted to get things done while I was resting. What actually happened what that my brain was too tired. I didn’t want to study anymore. I didn’t want to do unpleasant stuff anymore. I just wanted to do, read, or eat the things I liked. And that’s where things get tricky.

Everybody has their own issues. Nobody want to handle a bad-humored and self-pitied person. What I mean is: it’s ok to want to rest. It’s ok to feel absolutely desesperate to do things just for your own personal enjoyement for a change. But acting like a (pardon me) bitch and expecting people to put up with it isn’t only unfair, but also wrong.

I learned that, even though I was on vacation, my parents were still working. A whole bunch of people was still working. And when these people come home after a specially long day at work, the last thing they want to do is to deal with their adolescent daughter/son’s grumpiness.

So I decided to cut (them) some slack and start being more helpful. Useful, if you will. However, all my brain and body wanted after so much social interaction was some privacy. I spent days going to bed by 4am watching House, episode after episode. Which meant I’d wake up around 1pm and that I’d have almost no time to do useful/helpful stuff, or even useless and selfish stuff. I was wasting half of my day.

That was when I realized I had a problem. With me, it’s always 8 or 80. Never 36 or 40. I’m fond of extremes. When I like something, I like it veeeeeeeeeeery much. When I hate something… well, same thing. You get the idea.

Which means that, when I decided I’d relax, my brain also assumed that vacation would mean not only “me time”, but also “what I want and feel matters most then anyone else’s wants or feelings” (which, for the record, is absolutely not true).  It also meant that, if I would relax, I wouldn’t study at all – so I didn’t do/study some things that were really important to me before vacation. And not I feel really upset about not doing them.

I had three weeks. Now I only have six days left. And I want to make the most out of them.

This (word-full) post is meant to write down things that I want to accomplish on the next six days. A “To-Do” list. And, this time, I want to make it count.


1) Study the blue book and return it on Thursday

2) Take a look at both the Maths and the Physics books, just to make sure it still makes sense to me

3) Re-study my Chemistry books and try my best to remember the nomenclatures I was supposed to know by heart

4) Take a few online tests

5) Schedule lunches and dinners with friends I haven’t seen in a while

6) Host a Harry Potter Marathon at my house on Friday or Saturday

7) Not eat until stuffed or not-eat until starve. Eat until I’m satisfied

8) Write blog posts as much as I can

9) Read (or at least start) 2 different books

10) Be nice to the people around me who love, but cannot stand my non-talking and anger-hiding person. I need to be more straigh-forward about my needs and feelings – without, obviously, going overboard. Be more understanding is also something I should try.

That’s pretty much it. I’ll add a few more items if I want, but that’s basically what I want to do with the rest of my vacation. Oh, and also watch more House episodes! For some reason, it makes me feel smart Smiley piscando

Oh, and before I forget – the title in Latin “Aurea Mediocritas” means “The golden mean”, because I decided to find my own “middle path”, between too much and too little. It’s a really interesting theory, if you guys want to read about it. Aristotle and Budha definitely have a point Alegre

I guess I’ll go watch one more House episode now. It’s getting late, and I have tons to do in very little time!



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